Here’s what to expect in 2019!

2019 is going to be an epic year, WOW!

Bolt for the Heart’s annual Thanksgiving morning run in Carmel switches focus for 2019!

Now that we have completed our goal of placing an AED in every Indiana State Police car, we’d like to turn our attention to “THE ULTIMATE GOAL,” placing an AED in every police car throughout Indiana.

In addition, we are very excited to introduce our 2019 Bolt for the Heart race series:

May 4th – Bolt for the Heart “Jefferson County” (Madison,IN)

May 18th – Bolt for the Heart “Michigan State Police” (Lansing, MI)

August 23rd – Fuelicious “Lucas Estate” (Fundraiser)

September 8th – Bolt for the Heart “Michigan City” (LaPorte County)

November 28th – 8th Annual Bolt for the Heart “Thanksgiving 5K” (Carmel, IN)

We are also working with our friends at IU Health for events in Morgan / Avon / Monroe County’s as well. Please stay tuned to our website for all the updates and registration options, as they become available. You can also show your support by making a donation anytime.