Press Release

Bolt For The Heart Press Release

Bolt for the Heart is pleased to announce a donation of 4 AEDs ( automatic external defibrillators) to Tipton County Police department. AEDs provide an electrical shock to the heart in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest.

An anonymous donation was made to Bolt for the Heart earmarked specifically for placement into Tipton County first responder Police vehicles as acknowledgement of Prosecutor Rich’s many years of dedicated service to Tipton County along with his steadfast commitment to the safety of its people. Tipton County, along with a donation later this week to Noble county, become the first two counties in Indiana to be fully deployed with AEDs in all police vehicles in the county. “We are seeing generous people who want to help and make a difference and donate funds specifically for AEDs. This donation is just that.” Pierre Twer, President of Bolt for the Heart.

“I am proud to be able to donate these four Cardiac Science G5 AEDs to Tipton County Law Enforcement so that each Police car would have the potential to save a life. There are over 440,000 sudden cardiac arrests (stopping of the heart) that require CPR and an AED shock to restore a beating heart. If both are available, survival is increased by 90%. I contacted Prosecutor Rich to help me facilitate this generous donation because he has a reputation in this state in working with law enforcement to protect and serve the citizens of Tipton County. I thank Prosecutor Rich and the law enforcement of Tipton County for their service to our community. Additionally, there are many very generous people in our community that want to make meaningful contributions to our community and I thank them for their kindness.”

Bolt for the Heart is a 501-C-3 not for profit organization that raises money through donations and a Thanksgiving morning Family 5k run to buy AEDs for donation to first responders. Bolt has donated over 600 AEDs to date. This year their goal is to finish outfitting the entire Indiana State Police Patrol team with 134 AEDs. Bolt has donated 331 to the State Police to date.

Join us: Bolt for the Heart Thanksgiving Family 5k run, November 22, 9 AM Center Green, Carmel.